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Hello, festive fashionistas and holiday enthusiasts! Get ready to jingle all the way with the Mood&Mane Merry Christmas Collection. 🌟

Our Christmas Collection is your passport to Yuletide glamour and cheer. It's all about adding a dash of holiday magic to your everyday style, ensuring you shine as brightly as the Christmas star. 🌟🌟

From sparkling scrunchies that glisten like fresh snow to festive hair slides that twinkle like holiday lights, we've handpicked these accessories with one goal in mind – to make your holiday season merry, bright, and effortlessly stylish. 🌲❄️

But here's the holiday treat: this collection is as limited as Santa's time on Christmas Eve, and it's in high demand. So, if you're dreaming of a stylish Christmas, don't wait too long! Secure your favorites before they fly off the virtual shelves like Santa's reindeer. 🦌🎁

Let's make this Christmas the most stylish one yet! Explore the Merry Mood&Mane Christmas Collection now and let the festivities begin. 🎅🎁🎉

Wishing you a season filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable style. Here's to a very Merry Christmas! 🌟🎄✨

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Unlock the Secrets to Radiant Hair: Your Ultimate Guide to Transformative Haircare Solutions

Bamboo Towel Scrunchie

These luxuriously soft and absorbant bamboo towel scrunchies are perfect to tie your hair up in the bath, post shower with wet hair or take them on a spa day with you. The Scrunchie absorbs approximately 200ml of water and the bamboo has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Shop our best seller now: Boo Bamboo Scrunchie

Scalp Hamper

We all know that exfoliating your scalp can improve your hair’s health, but what if we told you a scalp massager could do that and more? The benefits of using a scalp massager include potential faster hair growth, exfoliation, better production absorption, and more. If this sounds great to you shop our Scalp Hamper now.


Heatless curlers: gentle, damage-free styling for healthier, frizz-free, and long-lasting curls. Embrace the beauty without compromise by using our Misty.

Claw Clips

Claw clips are a healthier alternative for your hair than hair elastics which tend to pull and snag on the hair. This 90s hair accessory is making a comeback for good reason, these claw clips are gentle on the hair and have a hold like no other. Shop our Blondie Claw Clip now.

Satin Scrunchies

Discover the satin scrunchie's luxurious benefits: less breakage, hair protection, frizz prevention, and all-day hold! Elevate your haircare routine with style and care. Shop our best seller Nuggut Scrunchie Set now.


Our go-to for bad hair days, working out, hanging out and everything in between. Shop Manebands now.